GRATISSUS 2030 journey had started first by my participation at Skåne INNOCARNIVAL 2018. I won the 3rd prize for sustainability and innovation.
Below are core concepts of GratisSUS 2030 that was developed further later.
Customer need: Free bus/train tickets for public transportation
Business goal: Visibility, better CX and smart targeting advertisement
Skåne 2030 goal: Better sustainability and environment-friendly transportation

Gratissus, consisting of two words: Gratis (Free) and Sustainable.
By this concept, the commercial sector will compensate the price of bus/train tickets in Skånetrafiken app to provide people who are watching related mobile advertisements. It helps companies to increase their visibility and targeting their customers smartly and
innovatively. Gratissus 2030 leads to better customer experience, better ROI for the companies and better Sustainability for regionSkåne.

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