Challenge/Problem: The main task was exploring how to improve the old app of Skånetrafiken in order to reach better customer satisfaction and smoother user experience. It was not just about UI or only UX/CX but also related to service design.

Selected Solution: I did UX analysis of the old application of Skånetrafiken, observation and User Research to find the right problems before redesign and prototyping UI of the app. I matched the outdoor visual identity of Skånetrafiken with its app to provide a better UX for end users. It helped them to reduce confusion while looking at the info boards and their mobile screen. Besides I implemented an automated compensation for delays within the app to reduce pains of customers facing delays in trains. 

Result /Learning: The prototype of the app could address the main two customers' pains with integrating an automatized late train compensation and also visually matching the outdoor UI of information boards of trains and JoJo machine. There was a good feedback in user testing sessions of this prototype that was designed for Android devices. Specially the automated feature for delays and compensations was a WOW factor for 80% of users.

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